The Last Push to Completion

We’ve been holed away in cave these last few months working hard to get the film finished and have emerged with a new and better creature. We’ve added a lot new things to the rough cut many of you saw at Oklahoma D-Day in June. We’ve fleshed out the storyline (with the help of consultant Nina Gilden Seavey, producer and director of several successful documentaries), added in some cool graphics, and a lot of fantastic new music. We have a New York-based band, “Dead Heart Bloom”, that recorded an original song for SOP. It’s for the final battle sequence and captures the stand-off at Colleville perfectly. In fact, they are in the studio this week recording a final polished version for us.  

We’ve also added a very-talented music supervisor to our crew, Devon Leger, who has done a fantastic job in streamlining the flavor of the music and finding really cool, under-the-radar songs for us. Devon lives in Seattle, runs a record label, manages bands and organizes several music festivals. We like to think of him as a younger version of T Bone Burnette (the producer who produced the music for “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, among others). We scored big-time in finding him (thanks John Smith!).

That brings us to our last note: While we’ve done pretty well trying to do everything on this film as much as we can ourselves to keep costs down, one thing we still need outside financial help with is affording the rights to the music Devon has found for us. He has done an amazing job finding songs that are relatively inexpensive to license, but the price tag is still too hefty for us to handle on our own. So if you have the means, or know someone who does, we could use your help for this one final push to complete the film. 

We have a number of ways you can help, either via a tax-deductible donation, as an investor, or as a sponsor. Please contact us if you’d like to help. 

In other news, we’ve officially begun entering film festivals with “Soldiers of Paint”. We recently sent off copy of the film for consideration for a festival taking place in March (see photo below). We have two more festivals we’ll be submitting to in the next couple months.

Thanks for sticking with us and check back here in a couple months for news on film festivals. We could be in one near you in the first half of next year! 




About Gritz

Denver, Colorado, based filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer.
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