Progress Update

Hey folks. We know we have been MIA with updates on “Soldiers of Paint” for some time and had been planning on a December 09 release date. Obviously that date came and went and … no movie.

Rest assured, we are still working hard on it. You may wonder, “What the heck is takin is so long?”

Long story short is when we first started making this film we were optimistic in getting funding to do it. Despite our best efforts and a variety of reasons, that didn’t happen. So basically we got as far as we could with our own resources, which left us short of being able to hire an editor to finish the film. We thought (and tried) to do it ourselves, but it is just never a good idea for the producers to edit their material. We found out the hard way that editors exist for a reason!

Realizing that, we set out again to find financiers or a partner who had the resources to help us. Well, the heavens were smiling down on us this last fall because we landed both. We found an investor who provided us with an immediate injection of funds that allowed us to eliminate some debt that was on the verge of coming to term. The second, a partner, was exactly what we were in need of. We met two owners of a worldwide film company that love our film and have the resources to find the necessary funds to help us get it edited and out to the world to see. After a couple months of negiations we signed a contract with them two weeks ago. These two gentlemen are now the executive producers of the film and our partners. We hope to make a formal announcement soon, but for now we just wanted to get the word out to you all about what we have been up to and the good news. We really, REALLY appreciate your patience while we work to get “Soldiers of Paint” done.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us.

Or visit our website:

Talk to you all again soon …

-Doug and Mike
Producers, “Soldiers of Paint”


About Gritz

Denver, Colorado, based filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer.
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One Response to Progress Update

  1. Andy says:

    Great to hear from you guys again. I’d been wondering ever since December came and went what became of the movie. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you guys and finally getting to see the finished product.

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