Another Week on “The Hill”

Doug and Mike back on the hill.

Doug and Mike back at Oklahoma D-Day.

Oklahoma D-Day 2009:

Yep, Doug and I were back at it again this June. Once again we piled my trusty Ford Escape up with camping gear and film equipment to drive the approx. 1,200 miles from Washington, DC to Wyandotte, OK. We were headed back out to our new home away from home – “The Hill” (AKA: The D-Day Adventure Park). Our mission was a bit different this year – we weren’t going to have a big crew with cameras all over the place, this time it was just Doug and myself and we had some specific things we needed to shoot to officially complete the filming for “Soldiers of Paint.” And, after spending so much time in the confined space of our dark and stuffy edit suite, we were excited to be back on the open road – to visit with our friends – and to make some new ones….

Things change & that’s a fact. We knew that the community was undergoing some changes since 2008 & we didn’t know what to expect to see when we arrived at D-Day this year. Well, it is good to know that some things never change – as has been the case over the past two years that we’ve been working on this film, we were immediately greeted with open arms. Every year we are blown away at how open and welcoming this community is to a couple of dudes from DC. From the main man Dewayne himself all the way to the first year player at D-Day, we feel the support & encouragement that has motivated us since day 1 to push forward with telling this story.

Besides filming a few additional things this year, we also decided to show off some clips of the film to the D-Day crowd. Thanks to Chuck & Aaron at JT Sports and Brent @ AirUps, we were able to show sample clips up on the big screen at JT’s outdoor movie nights. Each screening was a rousing success and we are thrilled to know that our film’s subjects were enjoying what they saw. Each night at the screenings we expressed our gratitude and also asked for patience and continued support:

Making a feature length documentary of this scale as independent filmmakers is an extremely costly and time consuming task. We are not independently wealthy, nor do we have the backing of big name studios. Doug and I have to work to make our livings as well as work on completing the film. The good news is that we are making great progress on the edit and we know that we have something special. We are still striving to have the film finished before the end of the year. However, in order to make it as good as it can be and have it reach the larger audience, we still need your help.

From joining our mailing list, to sending your friends to our Youtube link, you can help spread the word for free. If you are feeling somewhat more generous, for just 10 bucks you can get YOUR NAME in the credits of the film. Want to give more than $10? We even have a way to donate to our cause that is 100% tax deductible & you get cool stuff. Finally, if your wealthy uncle is still looking for a great project to invest in, then we’ve got a plan for that too (email us directly:

So thanks again for your time and support and keep your eyes open for the latest news about the film. Until then, here’s some photos of our latest D-Day adventure.

Doug and Mike


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