SOP is “In the Can”

We did it. We made it to Oklahoma D-Day 2008 and we filmed our movie. And our timing couldn’t have been better – it was the closest battle in the eleven year history of the event. We know that we captured some golden moments on and off the battlefield and now we have to begin the long process of editing many hours of raw footage into a tight, dramatic, and entertaining feature length movie. (While the bulk of the filming is completed, we do have a couple “pick-up” interviews to complete and we plan to do a little filming at next year’s event to get a few shots we think we didn’t get in June.) We estimate that the film we will be in “post-production” for at least a year and hope to have DVD’s for sale by Christmas 2009. Until then please check in on this blog regularly as we will update everyone on our progress. You can also go to the SOP website to get the latest news on the film as well as subscribe to the official e-mail list. Also, please become a fan of SOP on our Facebook page and help us spread the word.

We also want to take a moment to thank everyone associated with the Oklahoma D-Day family, including Dewayne Convirs and his family, Jeremy Hanna, and the entire D-Day staff. The people we interviewed did us a great honor to trust us to enter their worlds with big, scary High Def. cameras and without that access we wouldn’t have a movie. Throughout the entire filming process we were welcomed with open arms and we are now proud to consider ourselves a part of the extended D-Day family and we look forward to seeing everyone at OK D-Day 2009.


Doug and Mike

PS: Here’s a few photos of our adventure:


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