Field Work

Last week we headed back out to Oklahoma and shot some footage of Dewayne Convirs, OK D-Day facility owner, head promoter, and master of all trades, as he fought mother nature to continue several field construction projects including the installation of Pegasus bridge.

Pegasus Bridge Construction

We continue to marvel at the dedication of Dewayne and his immediate and extended “family” as they all chip in to get the facility ready for the upcoming June event. He is certainly a man with a vision and it seems like its gonna take a lot more than some rain and mud to stop him…

Also, thanks to Dewayne and his massive collection of military vehicles, Doug had the pleasure of driving a Deuce and a half for the first time. It sure beat having to take our whimpy rental car four wheeling.

Forward Ho!
Doug & Mike 

Doug Drivin The Deuce

Doug drivin the Deuce and a half


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Denver, Colorado, based filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer.
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One Response to Field Work

  1. Sweet Pea says:

    You guys look good in that deuce. Wished I’d been the one with the camera at the gathering of the last game of BHD…. there was a sea of camo, marching to deploy, when a lone face turned, smiled and raised his marker as if to say, “Hey! I’m actually getting to play!” I’ll never forget the look on Mike’s face, one of anticipation and pure glee. Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon. You are doing a wonderful job.

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