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Geman Victory
Oklahoma D-Day 2015
is in the history books and this year was a battle for the ages. The Germans pulled out a thrilling 5 point victory over the Allied forces. The after action reports coming in from Oklahoma make it clear that this was one of the best events in years. Congrats to both sides for the competitiveness and the sportsmanship that makes OK D-Day a one of a kind experience.

This closely contested battle reminds us of what we were able to capture in “Soldiers of Paint”. If you haven’t seen it yet – it was also a down to the wire nail biter (no spoilers here!). You’ll also see what Dewayne Convirs, his staff, and the opposing forces go through to prepare for this once a year epic showdown.

If you have seen the movie – many thanks to you (our fans) for the positive reviews and for helping to spread the word.  It is hard to believe that it has already been two years since we released “Soldiers of Paint”. We went through great lengths to make an awesome movie. And though we tried our best to keep costs down, we still had to enter a pretty significant amount of debt to get it done. So to help us pay back Mr. Visa and Mr. MasterCard here’s how you can help:

•    Watch SOP on Netflix and write a positive review and give us 5 stars!
•    Purchase a SOP DVD with directors’ commentary and bonus scenes. Buy an extra for a great gift!
•    Purchase SOP on iTunes and write a positive review and give us 5 stars!

If you are feeling especially generous, please consider making a tax deductible donation via our fiscal sponsorship with Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP). Here’s the link to our donation page.

Also, to our international fans – our sales agent is working hard to land us international distribution. Keep your fingers crossed for us! We will continue to update you on this via our webpage and Facebook page. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks and have a great summer!

Doug and Mike
Directors, “Soldiers of Paint”

Website: http://www.soldiersofpaint.com
Official Trailer: http://youtu.be/_TmpyyWyogI
On FB: https://www.facebook.com/soldiersofpaint
On Twitter: @soldiersofpaint

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We did an interview earlier today for the Cyrus Webb show, broadcast live on 90.1 WMPR in Jackson, MS, and also online via podcast. This was one of the better interviews we’ve done. Cyrus asked us a lot of great questions and was a pleasure being able to discuss some of the deeper implications in the making of this film, “Soldiers of Paint”, about the world’s largest paintball event, Oklahoma D-Day. Check it out below!


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Justin "Blanfo" Blanford

Justin “Blanfo” Blanford posing for a shot on Utah beach, Oklahoma D-Day (circa 2007)

A Decade of D-Day

My first experience at D-Day was unforgettable. Barely 18 my friend Taylor and I made a 900 mile journey to play in the worlds largest paintball game. We had read about it in a magazine and figured “why not?”, it could turn out to be a lot of fun. 900 miles later we pulled down an old dusty road and into what felt like Disney Land for paintball. 10 years later and we are still making the journey and I still get that feeling as we cover the last few miles of road leading into camp. Now the roads are paved though and the looming image of massive church peaks out over the tree tops as you approach; it really gets the blood moving.

Flash back to my first experience on the field. Taylor and I gear up early, we talk extensively about how we are going to stick together through everything…..What naive boys we where. The smell of wet earth, gun oil, and paint fill the crisp morning air. The sounds of units forming up and moving, guns being tested, and nervous excitement echo all around. The call is made, our unit forms up and marches out to the landing crafts. Here we go.

The first few boats leave without Taylor and I on them. We can see, at least somewhat, the boats hitting shore through the smoke. The metal pings of hundreds of metal bolts smashing paintball’s into place and sending them down a barrel in our direction is deafening. Our turn. We climb aboard the boat and we work our way to the front. The boat lurches forward and everyone aboard the boat becomes dead silent. Only the sound of paint whizzing over head and the call of the driver can be heard. The gate drops and all hell breaks loose. My first instinct is to run right, but its clogged with “dead” infantry trying to get off the beach. I turn back left just in time to see Taylor get shot square in the chest, he looks up at me as paint continues to rain down on him. Suddenly I realize I am on my own now so I make my way towards the first trench. I weave through infantry trying to make my way to a safe place, screams and smoke fill my senses. while covering the last 15 feet to a trench I use a rather large man as cover pushing him along as I go. Upon arrival I throw myself into the trench and lay low. As the adrenaline starts to slow down I begin to look around and see just how many of us made it….and how many did not. I hear orders shouted from somewhere down the trench, they are passed on by each man until the message reaches me: get ready to charge up the hill. Dozens of smoke grenades are thrown at once up the hill creating a thick layer hiding whatever lies beyond it. Paint continues to pour through the smoke and into our trenches. The man next to me is hit straight in the mask, his head snaps backwards and he lets out a moan of disappointment. I do a quick gear check and find that I am ready for the charge, good thing because the order is given and we all leap from safety. Hundreds of us charge up the hill and into the smoke screaming.

This is D-Day. Ten years later and my heart is still racing.

Justin “Blanfo” Blanford

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The Entertainment Corner is a website dedicated to providing film buffs the inside scoop on all things entertainment. It features reviews, news, and interviews with various established, as well as up and coming talents within the entertainment industry. Apparently they regard us as part of the latter camp, so executive editor Mireille Miskulin conducted a telephone interview with Doug about his experience with making “Soldiers of Paint.”


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Martin Hafer, lead film critic at Influx Magazine, watched our film and conducted an interview with us. Read the full interview here.

Hafer had this to say about “Soldiers of Paint”:

I recently had the opportunity to watch a fascinating documentary, Soldiers of Paint.  Although it’s about a subject that I have no knowledge of at all, the quality of the movie and way the filmmakers approached the subjects really impressed me.  This was not some fan film with YouTube production values—the camerawork was outstanding, the graphics top-notch and they managed to instill a sense of excitement about paintball that I didn’t realize was possible.


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Hey Chicago friends! If you find yourself around a radio tomorrow, tune in to 1340 WJOL to here an interview with us about “Soldiers of Paint.” 

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Doug (left) Kevin Hill of Studio Unknown (center) Mike (right)

Doug (left) Kevin Hill of Studio Unknown (center) Mike (right)

Congrats to “Soldiers of Paint” sound mixer Kevin Hill (pictured here with us during our mixing session), who was accepted into the prestigious Cinema Audio Society and recently attended their 50th Annual Awards in LA. CAS is an organization of elite production and post production sound mixers whose aim is to provide the motion picture & television industry with master craftsmen specialized in the art of creative cinematic sound.


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Mike and went to and met in grad school at American University in Washington, DC. The alumni magazine included a feature story on us about “Soldiers of Paint” and we even made the cover! Check out the excellent article by Mike Unger and the spectacular photo by good friend Jeff Watts.


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Check out this great review on the movie review blog “For It’s Any Man’s Number“. A quote:

Yes, there are some early scenes that provide some chuckles, but another surprise is just how viewers don’t end up pointing and laughing at the people onscreen. They have a hobby that they’re passionate about, and for some people it’s quite an all-consuming passion, but when you see how friendly and inclusive the paintball camp is you start to want to be able to join in.


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Guess what’s now on NETFLIX!

We are very pleased to announce that “Soldiers of Paint” is now available on Netflix. We know many of you subscribe to their service and have been waiting to view it there. We are excited to have our film included as part of their collection and for the increased availability to you, fans of the film. If you see it there and like it, please check out the DVD version, which includes numerous bonus scenes and a director’s commentary by yours truly. Purchasing the DVD also helps support us, the filmmakers. As thrilled as we are to have the film on Netflix, it does come with a caveat: The way a Netflix contract works is we get a flat fee whether one person watches it, or a billion people watch it. The fee they give us is a drop in the bucket compared with how much it took to make the film ($12k vs $160k). Thanks for your support!


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